TIGER ENGINEERING takes part in a wide variety of tradeshows, seminars, and conferences on an ongoing basis.

International Scientific Conference 20-21 November 2020

We will be presenting a mobile robot based on Jetson Nano board of NVIDIA which can detect the fires using neural networks that process the images from its camera.

International Workshop on New Approaches for Multidimensional Signal Processing NAMSP 2020

A new approach for detection of fires based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and their extinguishing using an acoustic fire extinguisher.

International Scientific Conference UNITECH

For disabled people it is difficult to reach a place at home for to do something specific. Using a surveillance camera we capture the gesture of a person’s hand for activating a specific command.

International Conference on "Artificial Intelligence and E-leadership 2019"

At 10-11 of October at "Tech Park Optela" in Plovdiv we will be presenting an application of Deep Neural Networks in the field of detecting fire in different areas.

International Conference "Automatics and Informatics 2019"

On third of October in Sofia we will be presenting how to find dangerous objects and people that oppose a threat to others.

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