TIGER ENGINEERING is always mindful of providing efficient and quality work while designing hardware / software according to your budget and timeframe. You can trust us as your number one custom hardware / software development company. From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom hardware / software development that matches your vision, we have the experience to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom solutions that match your specific needs.
We are result-driven at TIGER ENGINEERING and want to build a lasting partnership with you as we help you realize your unique ideas that will ultimately provide better value to your customers while differentiating your company in the competitive business world. Our goal is to create custom applications that work optimally for your business.

How we do it

Understanding your business

We begin every relationship with an in-depth discussion about the short and long-term desires for your project. Our engineers will review any hidden requirements and your existing codebase, if you have one. When we know your goals and understand existing software, we are able to better ensure the success of the project before we even write our first line of code. By the end of this phase, TIGER ENGINEERING works together with you to make a plan of development that accords with your goals, your timeline and your operating budget.
Tell us your needs, desired functionality, the business methods used, and we will design the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. TIGER ENGINEERING works with the knowledge that most businesses will evolve and change, so we build your solutions scalable and flexible enough for easy adaptation down the road.

Project Management

To solve any project related issue that may arise in the process, a project manager/scrum master is appointed from Day 1 to work as the client’s main contact point.
We prefer to divide the project into several iterations. The iterative approach offers these advantages:

  • Transparency: Each delivery is timely and completed on budget. By delivering often, you will be able to frequently monitor the progress of the project, which enhances transparency.
  • Reliability: Each delivery reopens the conversation to confirm all requirements have been met according to acceptance criteria.
  • Time-to-market: Each delivery can be used immediately as it will contain some of expected project functionality.

Development and Deployment

Our work is created with a focus on quality, simplicity and ease of maintainability. Frequent hardware / software reviews and code refactoring helps us keep this focus. You can always be confident that we will make your solution evolve smoothly along with your business.

We turn great ideas into great applications

Our team of developers can turn your idea into an amazing product. When you hire us to create your project you are hiring the best. Our goal is to turn your idea into a reality. Send us the list of features you need for your project at We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know about the cover of each feature on your list and more information about it (demos, web-pages, microcontrollers, etc).

Hardware services

The hardware services we offer are related to the development of devices and modules for process control and monitoring in technological, automated and industrial applications. We provide professional assembly and installation of our modules, allowing upgrading and optimization of products already designed by the customer. In the process of device development and implementation, we use components and modules from leading companies in the field. The applied software is developed by the TIGER ENGINEERING team, individually for each product, according to the client's wish for supporting peripherals, input / output ports, management and visual design. We provide full warranty and after warranty support, with functional optimization capabilities.

Software services

Our custom software development services include enterprise desktop, embedded systems, web application design and development. With our foresight into next generation software solutions and services, we help drive application transformation with our expertise in Mobile Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing.

  • Custom Software Development

  • Software Testing

  • Feature Enhancement

  • Application Migration & Porting Performance Optimization

  • Maintenance & Support

  • UI/UX Design for Web Application

  • Web Application Development

  • Microchip

  • Atmel

  • ST

  • Embedded Linux

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