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The thermoregulator contains two independent channels denoted respectively by CH1 and CH2. Each of the channels is controlled by a separate temperature sensor DS18B20, which is connected to the respective terminal of the thermoregulator. The two channels have independent outputs (Relay outputs CH1 and CH2), which are relays with normally open (N.O.) and normally closed contact (N.C.). The corresponding channel relay starts when the set sub-menu (t) (t for CH1; t. for CH2) is reached. The switching temperature is set in submenu (h) (hysteresis). Accordingly, for both channels, these are: (h for CH1, h. for CH2). The status of each channel is indicated by an LED located on the front panel.

Product characteristics:

  • Two-channel thermoregulator with independent temperature sensor for each channel.

  • Digital temperature sensor DS18B20.

  • Output relay with normally open and normally closed contact for each channel.

  • Temperature measurement range: from 0°C to +99.9°C.

  • Power supply : DC (9÷15)V, recommended 12V.

  • Current consumation: Imin = 65mA (CH1, CH2 inactive), Imax = 125mA (CH1, CH2 active).

  • Real time temperature LED display.

  • State indication for every channel.

  • Adjustable switching hysteresis.

  • Save settings after shutdown or power failure.

  • Maintaining the temperature in incubators.

  • Temperature control of heating systems.

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