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SMART SIGN includes 4 available modes for "OPEN", 1 available mode for "CLOSED". Switching and changing modes is done by using a thumbnail button located on the back panel of the plate. For the "OPEN" label, the available 4 modes are selected by pressing the button once. The selected mode is saved when the plate is switched off, the supply voltage is dropped or the "CLOSED" mode switches. To change the mode, press the thumbnail button again.

Product characteristics:

  • Power supply : DC (9÷12) V.

  • Max rated load: 1,7W Open / 1,3W Closed.

  • Working temperature range : -20°C ÷ +40°C.

  • Luminous Intensity: 5000mcd Open / 1500mcd Closed.

  • Independent connection of LEDs.

  • Malfunction of an LED does not stop the operation of a symbol or parts of it.

  • Reverse polarity protection of the power supply.

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